Japanese style hostel in Fukuoka,Guest House Kaine
Enjoy your stay in Hakata
a little ways away from the noisy city center, you can have a relaxed stay
and spend your time in Hakata as you desire.
Hakata Machiya style
Guest house Kaine is waiting for you.

Welcome to guest house Kaine!
Fukuoka, Hakata, is the gateway to Kyushu. Machiya has redecorated and developed a guest house.
We will serve you with the Hakata style mat and Japanese style futon (bed).
Ten minutes from Hakata station. 20 minutes from the Fukuoka Airport with good access.
You can easily walk to Tenjin and Nakasu. You may enjoy every bit of Hakata without worrying about your watch.
It is an at-home Japanese style guesthouse and the price is very reasonable. We have single/twin rooms or dormitory rooms. Capacity of 12 people with air conditioner and heat.
Travelers who are planning to visit other places in Kyushu such as Nagasaki, Miyazaki, Kumamoto, Kagoshima, Oita, Saga, or South Korea this is a perfect place for you to take a pit stop. Please stop by with all means, solo journey, backpacker and wandering travel are all welcome.

<< Guesthouse Kaine >>

It is a Japanese style guesthouse that merges snugly in the town of Hakata.

Every summer there is a traditional Hakata festival called the Yama of Hakata Gion-yama kasa, which passes by the guesthouse.

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<< Reservation >>

Please check our return email when you book.
Sometimes , we can't get an email of booking .
If you don't have any response in 2 days ,please contact with us again by a call or an email .
Your booking won't be fixed without our response .

Reservation by mail : info@kaine-g.com

Reception counter: 092-402-9888 (country code +81)

open 9:00am-13:00pm, 15:00pm-22:00pm

close 13:00pm-15:00pm

Please give us the following information

- Name
- Address
- Telephone number (if possible, cellular phone)
- Check-in day
- Check-out day
- Length of stay
- Number of people (breakdown of men and women)
- Which type of room do you wish to stay in
- Your check-in time (between 3:00pm and 10:00pm)

*We can only keep luggage during the time the reception counter is open.
*It's possible to make a reservation in 4months .

We would appreciate it if you inform us as soon as possible , if you wish to cancel.
Please understand, it is a small hotel. We appreciate your cooperation.
If you do not inform us 6 days before the reservation date, we will charge a cancellation fee.
• 2 ~ 5 days before: 30%
• 1 day before: 50%
• same day as reservation or no cancellation report: 100%

Please make full payment in Japanese Yen at reception when you check in.
(Unacceptable the credit card transaction)

<Room charge for children>
1. Children under 2years old are not permitted at Kaine guesthouse.
2. Children aged from 2years old to 4years old may stay at no charge but must share their parent's Futon.
3. Children over 5years old must pay the full room charge.

The booking situation
The booking situation is always changing .
Please contact us by email or phone before you come to the Guest House Kaine.

<< Room & Price >>

There are private rooms, single and twin, as well as male and female dormitory rooms.
Dormitory rooms are shared rooms with others. Though the rooms are small, please relaxing time in the Japanese style mattress and futon.

We are going to change the number of people each rooms.
Male dorm : 6people (bunk bed)
Female dorm : 4people (Futon)

A price will change from January 2015.
Male dorm : 2,600yen
(July~September & December ~ February / 2,700yen)
Female dorm : 2,600yen
(July~September & December ~ February / 2,700yen)
Twin private room : 6,500yen
(July~September & December ~ February / +150yen Air-conditioner charge)
Twin private (single use) : 4,500yen
(July~September & December ~ February / +150yen Air-conditioner charge)

- Air conditioner is equipped (additional charge of 150 yen / day)
- Futon mattress and sheets are included
- Private rooms can be locked, but locks are not available on the dormitory rooms.
It is possible to keep your valuables at our reception area.

<< Access >>

10 minutes from Hakata station.

20 minutes from the Fukuoka Airport.

10 minutes from the Hakata Port International Terminal.

<< Guide from the nearest >>
Please make sure the location of The Guest House Kaine with a map printed out or a mobile phone beforehand.

◆It takes about 7 minutes in walking from Nakasukawabata station to Kaine.
- Exit 6 -Turn 180° -Turn left at yellow building (Fukuoka Asian Art Museum)
- Walk straight and cross major intersection (you'll see The Hakata Harp in front of you)
- Go left at The Hakata Harp -Turn right at The Doragon Bazaor sign -Walk straight for 1.5 blocks
- Guest House Kaine will be on your right hand side. -Enter in through the restrant to get to reception .
- If you take a bus from Hakata port international terminal,get off the Tsumashoji bus stop.

◆It takes about 5 minutes on foot from Nishitetu bus Tsumashoji bus stop.
- Walk in the same direction (direction to Tenjin) as the bus.
- Turn left in the between coin parks.
- You can see Hotel Okura in botom of the street, and go straight about 200m.

◆It takes 5 minutes on foot from Nishitetu bus Hakatagocho bus stop
- Showa street is placed when walking about 150m from the stop toward Hotel Okura (direction to Tenjin) -There is 'Ishimura-Manseido'(石村萬盛堂) in opposite of Hotel Okura.
- You can see the arch signboard '須崎問屋街(Susakitonyagai)' when finishing crossing at the crosswalk.
- San-kyu ramen(三九ラーメン) or Daily store is seen the right hand after passing in the first intersection. There is 'Kaine ' in between them.


<< Equipment >>

- Common shower room: 1
- Common restroom: 2
- The shower room (2 in 1 shampoo and body soap is available for free)
- Face towel : for rent 50yen
- Hair dryer: free of charge
- Night clothes/pajamas are not included

<< Eating and drinking >>

There is a restaurant that serves food and drinks next door.
Noodle shop/Shochu bar business times:
- Noodle and rice bowl from 11:30am until 2:00pm
- Shochu bar from 6:00pm until 10:30pm OS
Closed on Sunday and public holidays

Guesthouse Kaine
TEL : 092-402-9888 (country code : +81)
(9:00am - 1:00pm, 3:00pm - 10:00pm)
5-9, Susaki-machi, Hakata-ku
Fukuoka-city, Japan 812-0028
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